This special service helps you keep your rent payments safe for you and your landlord, so it won’t be taken to clear your overdraft, and it won’t get muddled up with your other finances.

If you want to have your housing benefits processed direct to your landlord, you can give our bank details to your benefits processing officer.

We make a small charge to the landlord for this service, so we need to contact the landlord when we receive your application.

You need to give us information about your landlord so that your rent can be passed regularly to the landlord without any delays, ask for the form or download it here.


Our Rent Direct Account can take away the headache of payments from Social Tenants. We offer automated same day payments of Local LHA from our ring-fenced accounts. We can help you to:

  • Reduce voids
  • Secure your profits
  • Have less risky longer term tenancies
  • Reduce the need for evictions

All this for £2.50 and it’s tax deductible.

What’s your peace of mind worth?

Download the application here to open a rent direct account for your tenant

To register yourself as a landlord either fill in this form and return it to us or register your details below

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