Changes to Maximum Cash Limits

From 1st March 2018 there will be some changes to maximum cash limits at our branches. We want to improve safety and reduce the risk of carrying cash around by encouraging you to use card accounts.

From 1st March:

  • The maximum deposit will be £500 in cash per day.
  • The maximum withdrawal will be £50 in cash per day.


How can I make deposits over this amount?

  • You can pay in cash over a number of days.
  • You can pay in by cheque. Cheque deposits will be cleared and available to withdraw after 10 working days.
  • You can pay money into your account electronically using your NCU Sort Code and Account Number – please ask us for your details!

The maximum you can hold in your account has not changed and remains £30,000.


How can I make withdrawals over this amount?

See the box below for 3 easy ways to request free transfers…

changes to maximum cash limits