Nottingham Credit Union


    Nottingham Credit Union has been providing great value financial products to the people of

    Nottingham since 1992. Unlike most financial services companies, we’re not here just to make

    money. Our shareholders aren’t constantly driving us to increase our profits – because our

    shareholders are our members – we are owned and run by our members.


    We are a fair, responsible, local and people focused Credit Union.

    We offer simple savings accounts (Christmas, Holiday, Regular savings), all savings are protected by

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

    We offer affordable loans from £100 to £15,000 for any purpose (subject to application). 

    We price our products to cover costs and not to make money out of our members.

    We put customer service above making money.

    We are passionate about our members  – we call it ‘Banking with a Heart’.

    There are now over 2 million members of Credit Unions throughout the UK, why don’t you join your

    local Credit Union today?


                                                                                                                     Join us                                                          




  Did you know we’re an exclusive club?

       Only people living or working in Nottinghamshire, living in our partners’ housing or working for one of our Payroll Partners can join.

       Visit if you don’t live or work in Nottinghamshire and think you’d like to join your local credit union.


  Our Partner Housing Associations

       Nottingham Community Housing Association

       Nottingham City Homes

       Places for People

       Metropolitan Housing Group

       Longhurst and Havelock Homes

       New Lynx Housing

       Boston Mayflower

       Acis Housing trust

       Lincolnshire Rural Housing