Engage Accounts 1st-3rd May 2018

We are aware that there have been problems crediting money directly to Engage accounts.  Engage is not part of Nottingham Credit Union but we’ve been working with them to find a solution to the problem.

Here is the guidance we’ve been given by Engage – the banking transactions submitted between 9.45am on Tuesday 1st May and 6pm on Thursday 3rd May, have been affected in the following manner:


Credits into accounts

Any incoming payments that were expected over the last few days (between Tuesday morning at 9:45am and Thursday evening at 6pm) have unfortunately been returned to the sender.  If any payment that you were expecting is not yet showing in your account, you are advised to contact the sender to arrange for it to be resent.

Customers who have not received child tax credits are requested to contact HMRC Customer Services on 0345 300 3900. HMRC staff have been informed of the issue and will be able to assist in making the necessary arrangements for a faster payment to be sent to them.

Any credits to Engage accounts, received from 6pm Thursday 3rd May will be processed as normal.


Payments out of accounts

Any outgoing payments that were scheduled to leave your account on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday up until 6pm will not be paid, although they may have shown as having left the account.  These payments have been returned to accounts as of 12 Noon on 4th April.

Any outgoing payment scheduled after Thursday 3rd May from 6pm will be processed as normal.


We appreciate the disruption these technical issues have caused you over the past few days and we thank you for your patience.


We are sorry for the disruption caused by Engage payment errors in the past week, we can only offer the guidance we have available to us at the moment.  If you are still experiencing problems with your payments for any reason then you must contact Engage with your enquiry either at info@engageaccount.com or on 0333 202 3642.