How to decorate your home on a budget

There are more ways to redecorate your home than simply using paint and wallpaper. By thinking a little more imaginatively you can create a beautiful home in no time.

Here’s our top 25 tips to decorating your home on a budget!

  1. Set a budget and stick to it!
  2. Focus on completing one room at a time.
  3. As well as setting a budget, set yourself a time frame for each room.
  4. A simple one colour lick of paint with a feature wall will make a real statement to a room and give it a complete makeover.
  5. Clear clutter and get organised. Be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things you no longer use or want. Be honest with yourself, it is the first step to getting a beautifully decorated home.
  6. Get a friend or family member to do an appraisal for you. When you have been living in your home for a while you see the same thing and getting a fresh set of eyes gives a different perspective when it comes to what decoration to go with.
  7. Move your existing furniture around and taking a couple of items out and replacing with new or refurbished ones, will completely transform a room.
  8. Reuse old furniture and give it a second life – take an old chair and make it into a bedside table.
  9. Create space where there is none! Using mirrors and glass accessories gives an airy and open feel, creating space through a small room.
  10. Avoid big retailers and go to garage/house sales, look on eBay, Gumtree or other auction or selling sites for decorating items people have not used.
  11. Look in second hand shops and markets for items you can reuse that will add interest to your home – be bold!
  12. Make your own art and get creative.
  13. Choosing white linen with florals keeps your bedroom looking spring-like all year round.
  14. Painting a room plain then hitting it with vibrant colours like green and generously accessorising in that colour will make the room pop.
  15. Building a desk, shelves or wardrobe doors is a way to get your clutter out of sight.
  16. Transform dark rooms with lighting. New lampshades or spray painting an old lamp stand works wonders.
  17. Keep the theme simple so as to avoid needing to buy lots of different colours.
  18. Create a gallery feature on a plain wall using different frames for interest. If you aren’t sure how to place them, going for something geometric will always work well.
  19. If you go for plain walls, to keep paint costs down spruce up with different textures, throws and pillows in different colours.
  20. Create a focal point in each room and then group things around that.
  21. Don’t just buy things to fill space, go with items you really love. Less is more! Don’t just buy something because the price is right, make sure you like it.
  22. Add something new to your kitchen to spruce it up like new cushions on the chairs.
  23. Being on a budget doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Mix and match things you have bought; higher end with lower end. Market and second hand store bargains add a vintage feel.
  24. Vacuum and washing the floors will make your home sparkle. Make sure you get rid of all the dust from what you do have.
  25. Let the sun shine in, open your doors and windows to let in the air and clean all the windows.