Summer on a budget

When you only enjoy a few months of warmer weather, it makes you want to go out and do as much as you can when the sun is shining! That can get expensive and so here are our top tips for planning your summer on a budget:

Top Tip #1

Make sure you have a budget to start with! If you don’t have any kind of plan as to how much you can actually spend you will find yourself getting into debt or not actually doing anything. Give yourself a budget for each month and try to stick to it!

Top Tip # 2Shop around! These days you can get online deals for just about everything and that includes days out, all kinds of travel and hotel stays here and abroad.

Top Tip #2

Join forces with friends or family. Sometimes going in a group on holiday or a trip out can make the whole thing much cheaper.

Top Tip #3

Be creative. Having fun during summer isn’t just about going on holidays or day trips. It might just be a picnic in the park, walking in the woods or having a BBQ with friends. Talk to your family about what they want to and come up with ideas that will keep you all entertained.

Top Tip #4

Car boot! Not to attend as a visitor but to do one to give yourself spare cash. Most people have a shed and attic full of things they no longer want or use. Clear out your clutter and have a car boot. These take place all over during the warmer and drier summer months, so make the most of it. You can usually get yourself set up early and be done by lunchtime. You could end up with a couple of hundred pounds just for clearing out! Obviously avoid then spending this at the car boot yourself!!

Top Tip #5

Start to relax. Balance your life with doing and just being. You could tidy and spruce up your garden and simply enjoy being at home relaxing!

Most of all have fun! Please share your tips for summer on a budget with us by visiting our Facebook page.

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