TalkMoney Week

Dated 12th November 2018


Talk Money Week launches on 12th November to encourage people to have more open conversations about money.

Held from 12th to 18th November, Talk Money Week is an opportunity to reduce the stigma around money by encouraging conversations among families, friends, colleagues and children.

Throughout the week there will be events across the UK to get more people talking about personal finance issues, encouraging savings and helping people understand the true cost of borrowing.

Jason Eaves, Manager at Nottingham Credit Union said:

“Since 2008, and the pressures that have been on people’s wages and benefits, people have had to become more organised. There is a big pressure for the perfect Christmas.  Credit Unions are there for ordinary families and can help with Christmas.  We offer a Christmas savings account and provide affordable loans” 

“Before you borrow money for Christmas, make sure you can afford the repayments. Sometimes the most convenient loan is the most expensive, so check how much you will pay back in total and compare to a loan from the Credit Union” 

“We want to ensure people avoid the loan sharks, the high cost lenders and payday loans this Christmas”

The Nottingham Credit Union has been helping the people of Nottinghamshire with simple savings and affordable loans for over 25 years.

The Credit Union is owned and run by its members.